Roumeliotis tops Sunshine List – again

Roumeliotis tops Sunshine List – again

CORNWALL, Ontario – The top doctor in Cornwall and area can add another perk to his resume – he’s also the highest paid public official.

Dr. Paul Roumeliotis topped the 2013 public salary disclosure list – also known as the Sunshine List – thanks to a whopping $308,722 he earns annually.

Last year when he claimed the top spot on the list he was only making a few dollars more than $300,000 annually.

The annual release of the salary list is often a chance for the public to peer into the salaries of many who earn their money via taxpayer dollars. The list is often made up of firefighters and police officers, whose ballooning salaries account for more than a few spots on the list.

Educators, including those at school boards and post-secondary institutions are also on the list.

The City of Cornwall’s top performer last year was former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick, who raked in $192,230. Current CAO Norm Levac made nearly $147,000 last year when he was the manager of infrastructure services. He’ll make more this year in his new role. The acting CAO after Fitzpatrick retired was Stephen Alexander, who made $170,000.

There are no fewer than 29 members of the Cornwall Fire Department on the list who made $100,000 or more last year, including acting chief Richard McCullough who made about $119,000. Deputy chief John Hickley made $108,560.

There were also 29 members of the Cornwall Community Police Service on the list. Chief Dan Parkinson made about $163,000, while deputy chief Danny aikman hauled in $146,000.

A pair of Cornwall Crown attornies made nearly $200,000 last year. Dan Brisebois and Wayne McDermid both made $193,125 in 2012.

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