Sears lays off several managers in Cornwall

Sears lays off several managers in Cornwall
Sears Cornwall to close.

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario – Sears Canada layoffs have found their way to Cornwall, putting close to five people out of a job.

The company announced on Wednesday that 624 mid-tier management positions were immediately being cut nation-wide.

“Each Sears location across Canada, including Cornwall, have had an average of five positions eliminated,” said Sears Canada representative Alicia Richler in a telephone interview.

She said she doesn’t forsee any further layoffs in 2014.

A press release issued by Sears Canada on January 29 entitled ‘Sears Modifies Store Stucture’ said the company is “modifying its store structure to improve efficiency and increase the effectiveness of the chain of communication between management and the store associate teams within the stores.”

“The changes we are making in stores will not affect the number of front-line associates, and service to our customers will not be impacted,” said Doug Campbell, president and Chief Executive Officer, Sears Canada Inc.

Sears Canada further stated that there will also be an alignment of the regional and head office structures to reflect the new store model, and also to improve efficiency in Sears’ other formats and to align with the size of the business.

Management at the Sears location in Cornwall declined to make any comment.

Read Sears Canada’s full press release here.

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