Seaway Train Show steams into Long Sault

Nick Seebruch
Seaway Train Show steams into Long Sault
Malcom Jones drives the train around the track at the Seaway Train Show on Sunday

LONG SAULT, Ontario – The Seaway Train Show had a seventh successful year in Long Sault.

The event started on Saturday, July 15 and ran until 3 p.m. Sunday.

Once again, the Long Sault Arena served as the perfect host.

One organizer said that she estimated more than 4, 000 people visited the event this year, which she says is great for the economy of the region.

A major attraction of the event is all of the vendors and exhibitors. Combined, there were more than 50 vendors and exhibitors for people to see.

The event goes to support the Parade of Nations, which itself celebrates its tenth year this year.

The Parade of Nations goes to support young artists with disabilities.

This year, the money raised by the train show will go to support Brandon, an 18-year-old youth from Lancaster who writes fan-fiction.

Brandon hopes to go see a Harry Potter exhibit at Universal Studios and Parade of Nations hopes that with the money raised from the train show, that they will be able to do that.

This event receives strong community support every year throughout the region. For the first time this year, they received support from Hometown TV12, a radio station from Brockville.

The organizers of the event feel that this demonstrates the far reach of the train show. In just a short amount of time, the train show has started to welcome guests from as far away as Quebec City, and parts of upstate New York.

The organizers also go as far as to welcome exhibitors into their homes every year.

“This event brings a lot of peoepl to see what Cornwall and the surrounding area has to offer,” one organizer said.

They also feel that the Long Sault arena is the perfect  venue for the event as vendors and exhibitors are able to drive their displays right up to their tables.

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