Seniors enjoy summer fun

Shawna O'Neill, TC Media
Seniors enjoy summer fun
Students at Bridgewood Public school took part in a video promoting Pink Shirt Day and the Children's Help Phone. Pictured from left-to-right are Bianca Carnochan-Monette

CORNWALL, Ontario – Residents of McConnell Manor had a laugh when they got to dunk General Manager, Todd Cooke, in a dunk tank on Thursday, July 12. The dunk tank was a part of the first carnival day at the manor. 

“It was refreshing,” said Cooke in regards to being dunked.

Several residents came outside of the manor to partake in the activities and enjoy the food, while others watched the fun from their balconies.

“We’ve got balloon pop, ring toss, bean bag toss, go fish…lots of food, carnival food – corndogs, pretzels, nachos, lots of drinks, chocolate and chips,” said Michael Beaudry, Lifestyle Programs Manager at the manor. The carnival also featured cars from the Cornwall Olde Car Club and a dunk tank.

“Trying something new to give the residents something to do outside,” said Cooke.

Proceeds from the carnival’s activities will go towards the Wish of a Lifetime initiative.

“The initiative is for elderlies, whether they’re living in a Chartwell home or living in the community,” said Beaudry. “It’s something, say, they’ve always wanted to do in their life. For example, we had a group of ladies who had never been to The Keg before and they really wanted to go to The Keg. So, Wish of a Lifetime granted (it) to them. We got them a car, brought them up to Ottawa, went to The Keg and payed for supper.”

Beaudry thanked all the volunteers and organizations that donated to the event to make it possible.

Joyce Tilley, a resident at the manor, tried to dunk Cooke and tried her hand at the game.

 “I think it’s great, it’s a real fun day, and we are so lucky to have a beautiful day like this,” said Tilley. “Everybody is such a good sport.”

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