She was treated like a queen.

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She was treated like a queen.

Brenda Pascoe loved her Mom. And she wanted only the best for her. She says her Mom’s final three years at Dundas Manor Long-Term Care Home made that possible.

“I just love the place,” says Brenda. “I can’t say enough good things about Dundas Manor!”

At the age of 91, Brenda’s Mom came to live with her from Nova Scotia. She only knew her family here, so it was a big adjustment. One day, she fell and broke her hip and soon after, she moved to Dundas Manor.

“Now I do have to mention that Mom could be a bit cantankerous at times – but not so much after she moved to the Manor. She loved it!” explains Brenda. “She made a lot of new friends and was really enjoying a great social life. I would go over and half the time I couldn’t find her – she was off having fun! What a relief for me and what a time of joy for me. Mom was simply and wonderfully happy! In addition to this happiness, she was treated like a queen.”

As an only child, Brenda says this wonderful care gave her peace of mind. She didn’t have to carry the weight of her Mom’s well-being and care on her own shoulders anymore.

Brenda’s Mom passed in 2012 after three years that were filled with joy and happiness at Dundas Manor. Her last outing was strawberry picking. “Mom casually mentioned that she would like to go strawberry picking one day,” remembers Brenda. “The team at the Manor made it happen and off she went. She was 96 and her last years were happy ones. What more could a daughter ask for her Mom?”

Brenda says she remembers the day she went to gather her things. The staff were all in tears. “The difference at Dundas Manor is that they take the time to learn what people like and don’t like. Then they plan activities that are meaningful for their residents. From personal experience, I know this is not the norm in other homes.”

Brenda has chosen to give a gift to Dundas Manor in honour of her Mom: “Giving a donation to help build the new Dundas Manor was easy for me. What better way to say thank you again for loving my Mom in her final years; for bringing me peace of mind; and for bringing both of us much joy?”

Thank you to Brenda for her generous support!

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