Smith-In at Glengarry Pioneer Museum

Image of Shawna O'Neill
By Shawna O'Neill
Smith-In at Glengarry Pioneer Museum
Live blacksmithing during the third annual Smith-In (Nick Seebruch/Seaway News photo).

DUNVEGAN, Ontario – More than 18 blacksmiths from across the province, Quebec and the U.S. will attend the Glengarry Pioneer Museum Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for the fourth annual Smith-In Blacksmith Festival.

During the 19th century, blacksmiths created and maintained essential tools for transportation, farming and various industries, alongside shoeing horses and creating decorative objects. A blacksmith’s shop was also commonly a social hub. During this year’s festival, blacksmiths will share their craft and products with attendees.

From demonstrations and presentations of historical blacksmithing, to the Museum’s reproduction forge and tools put to use, a variety of local craftspeople, artisans and vendors will display local creations throughout the weekend.

Food and refreshments will also be available at the Museum’s Cheese Factory. For more information on the event, click the link here. 

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