Something new sprouting at fire station

Something new sprouting at fire station
Jason Norman (left) and Brent MacNab of the Cornwall Fire Department harvest some of the beans in the Children’s Garden at the station. 

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Fire Department and Transition Cornwall+ have joined together to promote home-grown healthy vegetables, and the fun of sharing as a community.

Firefighters are caring for the thriving Children’s vegetable garden planted by families and Transition Cornwall+ Food Action Group during the Incredible Edible Plants festival last June.  

“Beans, lettuce, herbs, chard, and other vegetables are there for the picking by anyone who wants to,” said Food Action Group member Penny Bateman.

The group has also been checking on how some of the hundreds of vegetable plants given away during the festival are doing.

“People say they are really enjoying the fresh produce on their doorstep and are looking forward to next year’s event,” said Bateman.

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