South Dundas Council meeting highlights October 11, 2023.

Provided by the Municipality of South Dundas
South Dundas Council meeting highlights October 11, 2023.

Here are the highlights from the South Dundas Council meeting held October 11, 2023.

South Nation Conservation discusses 2024 programs

Representatives from the South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) presented to Council to discuss current and future programming — including Tree Planting and Clean Water initiatives — and the estimated cost contribution to the 2024 Municipal Levy.

“So really, what we are talking about tonight are our private landowner stewardship programs… some of our education and outreach programs… and our conservation and land securement program…” said Ronda Boutz, SNC Secretary-Treasurer. “There are no new programs being proposed, there’s no significant increases we are asking for beyond our regular annual levy direction from the Board…”

Based on 2023 values, South Dundas will pay for about two per cent of SNC’s Category Three programs, which makes up 12 per cent of the overall Municipal Levy agreement. Based on SNC’s watershed, 16 member Municipalities are a part of the agreement. This will come at an approximate cost of $11,243 to the Municipality of South Dundas for the year.

Mayor Broad asked SNC CAO Carl Bickerdike about future plans for the Two Creeks Forest Conservation Area. Bickerdike said that changes in water levels and trail flooding have caused a number of trees to die in the conservation area, as has the emerald ash borer. Bickerdike said that SNC has applied for several grants to assist in maintaining the site

“We are committed to opening some winter recreation again there this winter. It won’t be the full trail network unfortunately… we will keep you posted through our representatives,” said Bickerdike.

“I would really like to see documented some plans in out years of what we can accomplish… it’s very important to our residents that we have a plan,” said Mayor Jason Broad in regards to the Two Creeks Forest Conservation Area. Mayor Broad also recommended additional signage being added for trail users.

‘Yield’ sign changed to ‘Stop’ sign on Fifth Street

Council unanimously voted to change the ‘Yield’ sign to a ‘Stop’ sign at the intersection of Fifth St. West and Fairholm Dr. in Morrisburg.

Staff brought forward the recommendation after receiving communication from concerned residents who had seen several near miss collisions at the intersection where children play at nearby homes.

“Staff is recommending that the ‘Yield’ sign be changed to a ‘Stop’ sign as this will allow traffic travelling North/South on Fairholm Dr. to have the right of way… this should also control the flow of traffic and will ensure vehicles travelling West on Fifth St. W stop before turning onto Fairholm Dr.,” said Director of Transportation Jeff Hyndman.

Hyndman said that ‘Stop’ signs are in stock, as well as oversized ‘new Stop sign ahead’ signs to place at the location.

Zamboni wrap awarded to Dundas County Dairy Producers

Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities David Jansen presented Council with five bids that were made through way of Requests For Proposals (RFPs) for advertising space on the new electric Zamboni at the Morrisburg Arena.

“We got five bids back from local companies to wrap the Zamboni… all of the bids came back at a higher revenue that we had with the old model… Staff are recommending that we go ahead with the highest amount bid from the Dundas County Dairy Producers, which is $3,000 a year (for a three year-term),” said Jansen.

“Staff have already started to name it the Cowboni,” said Jansen, suggesting the wrap may not be on the unit until next season. Jansen also noted that the Morrisburg Arena is looking for sponsored ice time, reminding local individuals and businesses that they have the opportunity to purchase ice time for the entire public to use.

Customer Service Policy updated

Council approved a revised version of Staff’s Customer Service Standards Policy.

“Staff have revised the policy and amended it for the purpose of expanding the scope of the policy,” said Clerk Crystal Lebrun. “Some of the changes, albeit they are minor in nature… are: we have expanded on in-person communication, telephone correspondence, email correspondence…”

Lebrun said the Municipal Office phone system will likely be updated at the beginning of 2024 as it was budgeted for in 2023 to further provide excellent customer service.

Residents are always encouraged to reach out to Staff or Council members should they have comments or concerns. In-person communication can take place at our Municipal Office — located at 34 Ottawa St. in Morrisburg, by calling us at 613-543-2673 or emailing us at

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