South Glengarry: Longstanding history and a vision for the future

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario – A new anchor for economic growth paired with opportunities to increase services has South Glengarry (SG) feeling very optimistic – and rightfully so.

BVD Petroleum’s recent large truck stop development on the township’s east side of Boundary Road already has mayor Ian McLeod welcoming the next major project.

“South Glengarry is moving forward into 2014 and we anticipate much action,” said McLeod.

In a bid to heat thing’s up, SG will be working with Enbridge Gas to increase their distribution system throughout the township, which is expected to come to fruition this year.

The Regional Water Project is another big move on the horizon. Treated drinking water via the St. Lawrence River from Cornwall’s water system will be transported through SG to service the county, Alexandria, and Maxville.

The aim is to improve the quality and quantity of the community’s drinking water for future generations.

“This is an exciting project to be involved in,” said McLeod.

In 2014, the mayor, council, and staff will also be: reviewing the Glen Walter Wastewater Treatment Plant to determine if the collection system should be expanded; working with developers on new plans for subdivisions; and continuing to upgrade infrastructure.

SG is made up of the former Lancaster township, village of Lancaster, and the Township of Charlottenburgh, which amalgamated on Jan. 1, 1998.

“We all had to come together as a new municipality under the strain of the ice storm. It was a very good sign for us because we all worked well together,” said Marilyn Lebrun, county clerk for the last 25 years.

SG is home to 13,162 people and the legendary Lancaster Perch Roll. Bourdeau Restaurant, straddling Highway 401, specializes in the traditional culinary delight.

The family-run establishment’s perch rolls topped with a mouth-watering secret sauce (complemented by a hearty dose of clam chowder) have been an appetizing draw for over two decades.

“This specialty item is a part of our heritage,” said Denis Bourdeau, restaurant owner and operator.

The recent opening of Priest Mill’s Glassworks Gallery in Lancaster has provided a collaborative environment for the arts. Owners and talented glass artists Eric Covington, Paul van den Bijgaart, and Amy Yang are transforming SG into the burgeoning artistic hub of the United Counties.

McLeod is already excited for summer when thousands of tourists can’t resist Glengarry’s rich Celtic history.

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