South Stormont could make $7.5 million on development charges in next 15 years

Nick Laurin
South Stormont could make $7.5 million on development charges in next 15 years
Le Conseil entend une présentation sur les redevances d'aménagement lors de sa réunion du mercredi 16 février 2022.

SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, the Township of South Stormont discussed a background study on Development Charges during their regular council meeting.

Sean-Micheal Stephen of Watson & Associates Ltd., presented the study to Council and started the presentation by explaining the purposes of these charges.

“The purpose of development charges is to recover the capital costs associated with residential and non-residential growth within the municipality,” said Stephen. “The capital costs are in addition to the local services infrastructure via direct developer funding responsibilities such as, internal roads, and water-mains, for example.”

It’s anticipated that the background study and by-law will be updated in the next one-to-two years to highlight changes in projected development and servicing needs.

The presentation forecasts that between 2022 to 2036, development charges recoverable costs could be $7.5 million.

The presentation also gave insight on the next steps of this study.

“The intent is to move from here, into presenting the findings to the Development Industry Stakeholder, before finalizing and releasing the study publicly on the Township’s website,” said Stephen. “Once the study is on the Township’s website, that then starts the clock for the by-law to be passed.”

Council were all in favour of continuing the study process, but did not have any questions for Stephen, but Mayor Byan McGillis gave his closing thoughts.

“There will be no decision tonight, this is a process that is going to play out until Council makes a decision on how they want to move forward,” he said.

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