STORE RE-OPENS: Wal-Mart evacuated for about 90 minutes

STORE RE-OPENS: Wal-Mart evacuated for about 90 minutes
A fire truck with its ladder extended is parked outside Wal-Mart in Cornwall Wednesday night. Photo courtesy John VanOverbeek.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Some shoppers were left running for the doors at Wal-Mart Wednesday night, after being instructed to evacuate after witnesses saw smoke billowing from vents inside the busy store.

Cornwall firefighters were at the scene of Wal-Mart on Brookdale Avenue at around 8 p.m.

About 90 minutes later firefighters left the store, which then re-opened.

A store associate who spoke with Seaway News said there was no fire.

Shoppers were told to evacuate in a message delivered over the store’s public address system.

While most customers walked towards the doors, others dropped their items in the aisle and ran for the parking lot.

Some witnesses told Seaway News they could see and smell smoke coming from vents inside the store – but there were no flames visible, and this newspaper could not independently confirm the witness accounts.

Firefighters checked the inside of the store, while others used an aerial ladder to view the roof of the store.

No one was reported injured.

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