Stress Testing Equipment Brings Support Close to Home

Provided by WDMH
Stress Testing Equipment Brings Support Close to Home
Registered Cardiologist Technologist Karie Neddo with the new stress test machine.  (Photo : WDMH)

The cardiac team at Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) is proud to care for patients with heart concerns. A new Stress Test Machine ensures that those patients will not have to travel to Ottawa for important tests.

“Stress testing is used for the diagnosis of heart disease or abnormal heart rhythms,” explains Karie Neddo, a Registered Cardiology Technologist at WDMH.  “It is a minimally-invasive test to diagnose blockages in the heart and can help diagnose issues before an actual adverse heart event happens.”

During a stress test, the patient walks on a treadmill that begins slowly and increases gradually in speed and incline. During the test a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure and the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity is monitored.

“This piece of equipment is a key part of WDMH’s cardiology program,” notes Kristen Casselman, Managing Director, WDMH Foundation. “The current equipment was at the end of its life span and the new equipment will ensure uninterrupted delivery of service. It also integrates into Epic, WDMH’s new clinical information system, providing information for clinicians at their fingertips.”

“We are so grateful to the WDMH Foundation donors,” sums up Karie Neddo. “You are all awesome and your generous gift will help us to continually provide compassionate care!”

The new stress test machine costs $53,459.75.


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