TD Tree Day Plants Edible Forest

Heather Armstrong, Special to TC Media
TD Tree Day Plants Edible Forest

MPP Jim McDonell

CORNWALL, Ontario – Creating the areas first Edible Forest Garden is the goal of the 6th year the annual TD Tree Days. On Sunday Sept 18 volunteers gathered at the Gray’s Creek Conservation Area to plant 600 edible trees. In partnership with the Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA), the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation wants help to green our community. Ultimately the public as well as local food banks will have access to harvest the nuts and fruits produced.

Normand Genier, RRCA Forestry Specialist was on hand to explain the proper way to plant the trees and shrubs and to answer any questions about them. Some of the varieties planted were High Bush Cranberry, Black Walnut, Wild Swamp Roses and White Oak.

He said “All of these species (of plants) are edible.” As an example he later said, “The Wild Swamp Rose flowers are made into tea.”

Jim McDonell, MPP Stormont Dundas South Glengarry, with shovel in hand helped Genier demonstrate the proper hole depth required for planting each tree.

Organizer, Angie Parker a TD employee as well as contract employee for RRCA made sure all the volunteers received a free TD Tree Day t-shirt and gloves. She explained her involvement with the project when she said, “Conservation and ecology are something I’m very passionate about.

The volunteers of all ages dug in at the designated spots marked with a blue X. This layout of new trees allowed for a central area which will remain open to allow for workshops about the benefits of the edible forest.

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