The Fines are now at Home

Nick Wolochatiuk, Special to TC Media
The Fines are now at Home
The celebration of the expanded and upgraded Home Hardware in Ingleside took place on Friday August 12. Those officiating included Amanda

INGLESIDE, Ontario – After a two year search for an area that has business opportunities and is an appealing place to live, Murray Fines and his extended family have set up shop in the SD&G area.  

“We operated a store in Shelburne, Ontario for 22 years. For two years we searched for an area in Ontario that would meet our criteria. This part of SD&G was it. Ingleside is about 3,500 in population, the same as Shelburne. The Cornwall Home Hardware was slated for closure December 31, so we took it as a signal it was time to make a move.”  

And move they did. Murray and Scott Fines and their extended families have found just the right homes in the Ingleside area. The store now has a warehouse that provides more than 10,000 square feet of secure storage space. Surrounding it is a large paved storage yard for building materials, with a fence perimeter.  

On Friday August 12 the official opening took place. Five Home Hardware head office staff from St. Jacobs, Ontario were in attendance. South Stormont Mayor and several of the councilors were also on hand to welcoming the latest boost to the local economy and addition to its shopping facilities. 

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