TSSA notified of Upper Canada Village incident

Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
TSSA notified of Upper Canada Village incident

MORRISBURG – An amusement ride derailment on July 22 that resulted in a popular attraction at Upper Canada Village closing indefinitely was reported to regulatory authorities two weeks after the incident occurred.

The Mocassin miniature train ride at UCV suffered what St. Lawrence Parks Commission representatives characterized as a “minor incident” during the train’s last run of the day. At that time, the SLPC said the issue appeared to be with the track but the agency was still determining the cause of the derailment.

On follow up, SLPC spokesperson Krista Doyle told The Leader last week, “Until we have a full understanding of what happened, we won’t be operating the train.”

When asked, the SLPC did not confirm if the Technical Standards and Safety Authority had been notified of the incident. The TSSA enforces safety compliance in Ontario in many areas including amusement rides. Operators are required to have regular inspections and report when incidents occur.

The Leader contacted the TSSA which confirmed that the SLPC reported the incident August 3. Currently TSSA inspectors are engaged in strike action against the agency.

“The inspector strike has had absolutely no impact on the status of the railway at Upper Canada Village,” TSSA spokesperson Alexandra Campbell said.

No further updates have been available from the SLPC on what the cause of the incident.

“Once we have further information, we will be sure to update you accordingly,” Doyle said.

The derailment took place on the original loop to Crysler Beach on which the ride has operated since opening.

In 2009-10, the miniature railroad was extensively rebuilt with new equipment, track, and an expanded second loop extending the line to Crysler Park Marina.

Since 2020, the section of the line to Crysler Park has not been operated.

A large heave in the track structure was observed on the extended section of track west of Crysler Beach.

PNR Railworks was the contractor involved with the 2009-10 reconstruction project.

SLPC officials did not confirm which “full-service national railway contractor” currently works with staff to maintain the attraction.

This article was originally written for The Morrisburg Leader

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