Tugboat salvage plan expected to be filed by Thursday

Tugboat salvage plan expected to be filed by Thursday
Young people watch as a tugboat sinks on the St. Lawrence River Monday. Photo: St. Lawrence River Institute.

CORNWALL, Ontario – A salvage plan to remove two wrecked tugboats from the St. Lawrence River in Cornwall is expected to be filed with Transport Canada by Thursday.

The government agency said in an email the vessel owners are putting the finishing touches to the plan now, which has not been made public, and will require approval from Transport Canada and the coast guard, before it is approved.

“It is the responsibility of the vessel owners to address the capsized vessels, the Lac Manitoba and the LCM131, in the St. Lawrence River,” Transport Canada spokesperson Catherine MacPherson said.

Transport Canada, along with the Transportation Safety Board, are investigating the circumstances that led to the capsizing of the tugboats last week.

Both boats were repositioning a barge on the river when disaster struck.

“Transport Canada is gathering information regarding the circumstances of the capsized vessels. If there is non-compliance with the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 found, Transport Canada will take appropriate action,” MacPherson added.

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