Two Cornwall schools ranked in top 20 across province

Two Cornwall schools ranked in top 20 across province

Two schools in Cornwall have been ranked among the best in Ontario by the Fraser Institute.

According to the rankings, the 20 Ontario elementary schools showing the fastest academic improvement over the past five years include 16 schools where parental incomes are below the provincial average.

St. Anne Catholic School and East Front Public School, both in Cornwall, are ranked on the top 20 list. The list does not assign individual rankings for each school – they are simply listed as a group.

“Our report card is the only objective, reliable tool that shows which schools across Ontario have improved, or fallen behind, in terms of reading, writing, and mathematics over the past five years,” Fraser Institute associate director of school performance studies Michael Thomas said in a statement to the media. “Using long-term, provincewide school performance data, our school rankings let parents monitor the performance of their child’s school over time and also help educators identify key areas for improvement in their classrooms.”

The Report Card on Ontario’s Elementary Schools 2012 rates 2,695 public, Catholic, and francophone elementary schools across the province based on nine key indicators using data from the annual provincewide tests of reading, writing, and mathematics administered by the Ontario government’s Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO).

The report card also includes key information about each school’s make-up, including parents’ average income, the percentage of ESL students, and the percentage of special needs students. Results of the report card are available in an interactive and searchable format or as a free PDF at

The report also notes that, of the 19 schools tied for first in the provincewide rankings, seven have parental incomes lower than the provincial average.

“In fact, of the 2,695 schools included in the report card, 565 performed above average academically despite having parental incomes lower than the provincial average,” Thomas said. “These results show that both academic excellence and continued improvement in academics is possible in any school, regardless of the personal and family circumstances of its student population.”

The Fraser Institute is an independent research and educational organization with locations across North America.

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