Two more names on the list of city councillor candidates

Two more names on the list of city councillor candidates
Cornwall city hall

CORNWALL, Ontario – The list of candidates who want to become city councillors in Cornwall continues to grow.

Earlier this week Geoff Stephenson, who moved to Cornwall four years ago after spending some time in larger centres like Toronto and Montreal used the construction site for a pair of chemical tanks on the city’s waterfront as a backdrop for announcing his candidacy.

And Thursday longtime Cornwall resident Rolland Besner added his name to the list.

Both men suggest it’s time for new blood at city hall.

“Part of what ails us here in Cornwall are tax levels and this is only one of many hot topics within the private and commercial sectors,” said Besner, who recently retired following years as a businessman in SD and G. “We must find a way to control the tax rates. Tax rates are crippling the business community.”

Candidates have until this September to file their papers at city hall. There are 10 names listed as candidates for city councillors in Cornwall.

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