UPDATE: Cornwall woman wins trip to Hawaii thanks to Ellen

UPDATE: Cornwall woman wins trip to Hawaii thanks to Ellen
Cornwall's Jenelle Marion stands with Ellen De Generes on her TV show. Marion won a trip to Hawaii on the show.

CORNWALL, Ontario – It took Jenelle Marion two years to finally get tickets to the Ellen show. Take our word for it – it was worth the wait.

Marion, a Cornwall native, actually made it on to the show to play ‘What’s in the Box?’ – a fun game where contestant choose a numbered box and get saddled with the prize inside.

Marion’s gift? Nothing but a $10,000 one-week vacation for two in Hawaii.

“I was super-excited to be there,” she said in an interview. “I was definitely overwhelmed.”

Marion was among a handful of people who, before the show, were told they might actually be chosen to appear on the air in some capacity. She added within five minutes of the taping she was selected.

Marion chose a box that resulted in her winning a so-called ‘Hawaii chair’, which looked more like an excuse to have her sit on a machine that swiveled her bottom from side to side.

Fortunately, after a few laughs from both DeGeneres and the audience, the TV show host announced that in addition to the chair she’d also won the vacation.

Marion immediately lept to her feet and hugged DeGeneres.

The show aired Monday, but was actually taped last week.

Marion was at the taping with her husband Max, sister Karine and friend Monica. She had been trying for two years to get tickets.

Marion plans to take her husband on the vacation.

Check out the highlights here.

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