WIND PROJECT: McDonell fuming as province runs ‘roughshod’ over North Stormont

WIND PROJECT: McDonell fuming as province runs ‘roughshod’ over North Stormont
MPP Jim McDonell.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Local Tory MPP Jim McDonell believes the provincial government is “running roughshod” over a nearby township, by forcing a wind turbine project down its throat.

McDonell continues to attack the Liberals at Queen’s Park for approving the controversial Nation Rise Wind Project, which North Stormont has turned down.

“North Stormont deserves to be heard – they voted on at least two occasions against the Nation Rise Wind Project, rejecting cash incentives in the process,” he said. “There are other communities across Ontario willing to take renewable energy developments – there is no excuse to impose the wind turbines on North Stormont’s residents.

McDonell has demanded answers on the file from the Ministry of Energy, but has been dissastisfied with the response at Queen’s Park. He’s now taking a bureaucratic approach to getting answers.

“Members who are not satisfied with the answer given by a minister can request what is conventionally called a ‘late show’ – an opportunity to present the question and issue to a member of the government during a five-minute speech,” said McDonell.

The parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Energy, MPP Bob Delaney, has been taksed with proving a response. But McDonell wants Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli to weigh in.

“The government refuses to answer for their running roughshod over municipal jurisdiction and residents’ wishes” McDonell said. “The people of North Stormont don’t need platitudes – they need a commitment from this Liberal government that an unwilling community won’t have industrial renewable projects shoved down its throat. 

“Once again we see this Liberal government go back on a major commitment and it is just the same old – Liberal promise made, Liberal promise broken”.

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