Taskforce on medical recruitment

By Richard Mahoney
Taskforce on medical recruitment

The City of Cornwall says it is “taking a pivotal step in addressing the critical issue of medical practitioner shortages within our community” by the creation of the Mayor’s Taskforce on Medical Recruitment.

This builds on over a decade of efforts by an existing working group, which has tirelessly advocated for solutions to the ongoing challenges faced by residents in accessing essential healthcare services.

While the working group has made significant strides in raising awareness, fostering partnerships, and implementing initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining medical professionals, this mayor-led taskforce recognizes the need for a structured approach, the city says in a statement.

The Mayor’s taskforce will “harness the collective expertise of our community to develop comprehensive strategies and initiatives aimed at addressing the root causes of medical practitioner shortages.”

Like too many Cornwall residents, Mayor Towndale understands the challenges individuals and families in this position face in accessing primary healthcare services.

“A shortage of doctors, especially family doctors, is one of the most pressing issues facing our community,” said Mayor Justin Towndale. “I am not immune to this issue, as I also do not currently have a family doctor and can understand the challenges that this lack of availability creates.”

“Healthcare remains a provincial jurisdiction and we remain committed to working directly with the province to increase medical capacity in Cornwall. By establishing this taskforce, we are demonstrating our own, unwavering commitment to finding sustainable solutions that will ensure all residents have access to the quality healthcare services they deserve.”

The statement adds: “The Mayor’s Taskforce on Medical Recruitment will prioritize collaboration, innovation, and action as it works to address the complex challenges surrounding medical practitioner shortages. The taskforce will strive to work directly with key interest holders throughout the community, including hospital administration, local practitioners, and others. Through targeted initiatives and partnerships, the taskforce aims to create a supportive environment that attracts and retains talented healthcare professionals, ultimately enhancing the overall health and vitality of our community. Following the taskforce’s term, a robust set of recommendations will be released which will guide future policy and strategy.”

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