Menu for Taste Tour Poutine Edition!

Menu for Taste Tour Poutine Edition!

Full Poutine Line-Up

Here it is foodies.  The full list of participants and their poutines!

Enjoy from Saturday, May 18th until Monday, May 27th.  Make sure to follow along with us on Facebook & Instagram @TasteTheSeaway and share your photos with us using #TasteTheSeaway


Smoked Pull Pork Poutine






Melted Mayhem – Smoked Pulled Pork Poutine

St.Alberts cheese curds, smoked sea salted fries, gravy, smoked pulled pork, home-made coleslaw, topped with smoked bbq sauce.


Notorious Poutine

Truffles Burger Bar – Notorious Poutine

Deconstructed cheeseburger topped with a slider.  Fries, curds, cheese sauce, pickles, tomatoes & onions



Lancaster Pizzeria – Poutzzine

Pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, curds, fries, more mozzarella cheese & curds & more Gravy


Bourbon Chicken Poutine

Chef In A Bun – Bourbon Chicken Poutine

Fries, curds, gravy, bourbon chicken, caramelized onion sour cream & scallions


Kitchen Sink Poutine

Sheep’s Head Bistro – The Kitchen Sink Poutine

Fries, curds and gravy topped with stuffing & haddock nuggets


Irish Breakfast Poutine

Jet Set Pub at the NAV Centre – Irish Breakfast Poutine

Thinly sliced potatoes, curds, gravy, charred goat cheese, red deer & wild boar sausage (from Trillium Meadows), topped with a fried egg & crispy scallions


Duck, Duck, Crunch Poutine

Schnitzels – Duck, Duck, Crunch

Signature wood oven thin crust pizza topped with grainy mustard gravy, mozzarella and St. Alberts cheese curds, pulled duck confit, green onions and finished with herbed oil and crunchy potato kettle chips.


Canadian Poutine

Remingtons – The Canadian Poutine

Fries, cheese curds, gravy, Montreal smoked meat, Ontario bacon & home-made maple syrup


Fat Albert Poutine

Eight Zero Zero – Fat Albert Poutine

Fries, gravy, mozzarella cheese topped with tempura fried St.Alberts cheese curds & marinara sauce.



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