It’s never easy to lose a loved one

The loss of a loved one is possibly the hardest thing a human being will ever have to endure. Most of the time, you don’t know when or how it will happen. Sometimes it is a matter of inevitability. But sometimes, it can hit you like a hurricane. 

When it does hit, everything seems to stop, at least momentarily. Time stops and all our worries and concerns take a back seat and the material things in our lives don’t matter; they even seem petty. 

Last week, a Cornwall resident’s life was tragically taken in the blink of an eye. One day he was there, living his life at home with his wife, out on the road working for C.U.P.E., chatting with his kids on Facebook or on the phone and the next day, he was gone. 

When you hear the news of a six-car accident on Highway 401 you just hope that everyone is okay. You hope no one died and you especially hope it did not involve someone you know. Someone you love. Or someone you know that has a loved one involved. Unfortunately, sometimes the news is bad, very bad. 

When someone you know loses a loved one, particularly when it is unexpected, it is important to focus on two things: 

The first, you should be there for that person. Give your love, support and do everything and anything you can to ease his/her sorrow. It doesn’t matter how you do it. A hug, a kiss, a kind word or a shoulder to cry on, whatever, just be there. 

The second thing, cherish the ones you love while they are still alive. Because as we’ve just discussed, they could be gone before you can say: “I love you.” 

To Karen, Damien and Rachelle Lamoureux and to all of André’s family and friends, may our sincerest thoughts and love from the depths of our hearts be with you.

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