8 Must-See Mexican Festivals & Events

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8 Must-See Mexican Festivals & Events

From crazy town bashes to religious events, Mexico has a festival for every occasion. One thing common among all these festivals and celebrations is the reflection of the Mexican culture across all of them. All these occasions, whether serious or joyous, have a logical meaning to them. Besides, a strong sense of tradition is reminiscent of all Mexican events.

If you are traveling to Mexico, you will certainly want to experience one or more of these festivals and celebrations. Here are 10 big occasions you do not want to miss when in this colorful country.

1. Festival de México

Festival de Mexico is a grand event that takes place in Mexico City. It is held in March or April and covers dozens of venues. There are international-level performances in the areas of music, dance, acting, opera, and theater. The Historic Center is at the heart of this two-week festival.

2. Mexican Independence Day

Mexico’s Independence Day is among the most important events in the country. It is held on September 16 and commemorates Father Hidalgo’s call for the nation’s liberation in 1810 from Spanish rule. Some of the key highlights of the celebrations are as follows:

  • People marching in the streets and shooting fireworks
  • Joyful music playing all around
  • The Mexican flag flies freely all around
  • Parties take place everywhere

People are out in the streets enjoying food and drinks with their friends and families. The occasion is celebrated all over the country. If you want to be close to the center of celebrations while also enjoying a beach vacation, you should find yourself an all inclusive resort in Ixtapa.

3. Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos stands for Day of the Dead. As the name suggests, this festival honors death while celebrating life. The festival takes place in November and is celebrated throughout the country. Oaxaca is where most of the action takes place on the day. Key highlights include:

  • Decorated skulls can be seen everywhere in a parade
  • Homes get decorated with colorful paper
  • Altars are created to celebrate the deceased’s memory

4. Fiesta de la Candelaria

Candelaria or Candlemas is a religious festival during which the Virgin’s image is floated down the Papaloapan River in the town of Tlacotalpan. This tradition is accompanied by the Son Jarocho music festival, which features Veracruz-style music.

5. Cinco de Mayo

Also known as the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo is a major Mexican festival. It is a celebration of the country’s pride in its heritage. It also celebrates the day Mexico defeated the Second French Empire in 1862. You can enjoy parades, a night of dancing, and scrumptious food. There are lots of free tacos to be enjoyed on the streets.

6. Festival Internacional Cervantino

The Festival Internacional Cervantino is a major cultural and multi-arts event. It takes place in Guanajuato, drawing thousands from all over the world. Notable highlights include:

  • Colorful performances by local and well-known troupes and artists in music, dance, and theater
  • Folklores, concerts, and Mexican foods are big attractions
  • You can explore artistic workshops and shows

This is a week-long festival and takes place in the month of October.

7. Fiestas de Octubre

Guadalajara is known for its cowboy culture, tequila, and mariachis. It is also known for Fiestas de Octubre. If you prefer visiting a more modern festival, this music and arts scene is sure to mesmerize you. The month-long festival features contemporary rock and art shows.

8. Día de la Raza

On the Day of the Races, people celebrate their Hispanic heritage. It is celebrated on October 12 and the festivities take place beyond Mexico. The festival’s name varies from one country to another. It features joyful fiestas and parades. People spend all day singing and dancing. Besides, people also engage in their favorite, traditional Mexican food, punch piñatas, and watch bullfights.

So, these are some of the most renowned festivities and celebrations in Mexico. It is important to plan your stay wisely to easily access the different festivals around the country.

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