Improve sleep quality with melatonin

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Improve sleep quality with melatonin

As complex as sleep can be, it is clear that a very large number of people live with difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or experiencing a rejuvenating feeling upon waking. We’ve all been on the verge of falling asleep, only to experience a moment of insomnia simply because our brain triggered a thought. More concretely, we experience daily situations that can affect the quality of our sleep, such as work stress, problems related to children, financial problems, health problems, etc.

Whatever the problem, it is possible to improve the quality of your sleep by using different breathing techniques and maintaining good lifestyle habits. However, even despite all these good intentions, sometimes good sleep is difficult to achieve. This is where melatonin comes in!

What is melatonin and how does it work? 

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body – more specifically by the pineal gland – when it is in the presence of light. The production of this hormone takes place during the day, before ensuring full stimulation when night falls. As the gland secretes stored melatonin, it sends the message to the brain that it is now time to sleep.

If some people have difficulty acclimating to the length of the day during the biannual time change, know that it is this same gland that transmits information relating to the length of the hours in the presence of light or darkness to the brain. The information is conveyed daily over a period of 24 hours, but also throughout the year by repeating a cycle that adjusts with the seasons.

Throughout life, the need for sleep decreases or changes. For example, newborns sleep many hours a day while older people sleep less. They secrete a lower level of melatonin, which makes their sleep of lower quality. People who are light sleepers could also improve the quality of rest at night by taking melatonin.

What are the benefits of melatonin?

Available in tablet or liquid form, melatonin can offer many benefits when added to your sleep routine.

  • Helps to increase the total period of sleep
  • Provides a calming effect and helps reduce anxiety
  • Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Promotes the rebalancing of the sleep-wake cycle
  • Relieves fatigue associated with jet lag

Since melatonin helps the body return to its regular sleep cycle, there are some contraindications to consider. With your body having the ability to produce this hormone, it is very important to use this supplement only when necessary. Also, since taking melatonin sends the message to the brain that it’s time to sleep and can cause drowsiness, it is not recommended to take the road or drive motor vehicles for up to 5 hours following the absorption of the supplement.

Finally, know that melatonin will not eliminate your insomnia or the elements that interfere with your sleep, it can however greatly contribute to soothing you when necessary. You should therefore not rely exclusively on this supplement since your body is already producing it.

To learn more about taking liquid supplements and the many benefits they provide, do not hesitate to contact Land Art!

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