River Kings have until Monday afternoon to save the team

River Kings have until Monday afternoon to save the team

CORNWALL, Ontario – The LNAH has given Rodney Rivette and his group until Monday at 4 p.m. to come up with $370, 000 to save the Cornwall River Kings.

Rivette has already raised approximately  $100, 000, which has certainly captured the league’s attention.

The LNAH will setup a trust for the monies collected until the fans are able to setup the team corporate structure, this insuring the safe return of the money if the goals are not met in time.

On Tuesday night, Rivette organized a rally of River Kings fans at the Civic Complex. It was then that he and supporters of the River Kings announced their plan to raise $500 a year from 1, 000 people to save the team.

Rivette will be at the Bandshell tonight, when he’ll be collecting cheques from investors.

There is no word if River Kings owner Steve Morneau will be involved with this campaign.

On Wednesday morning, Morneau released a statement saying that the team failed due to lack of support from the City, and that investors were scared away by the lack of financial incentives the team was allowed to offer.

For more information, fans and sponsors can contact Rodney Rivette at 613-363-4708.

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