Stormont Yacht Club celebrates with 2022 Annual Awards

Provided by the Stormont Yacht Club
Stormont Yacht Club celebrates with 2022 Annual Awards
Beethoven Crew - Jeff Ridal, Cory Petrie (Skipper) & Scott Smith (Photo : SYC)

LONG SAULT (ON) – The Stormont Yacht Club (SYC) community of sailors finally got the opportunity to gather for the traditional annual Past Commodore’s Dinner on November 5.  To say that everyone was excited is an understatement.  The pandemic prevented the much-loved event in 2020 and 2021.  Safe to say that 2022 made up for lost time.

SYC members gathered at Quinn’s Inn in St. Andrews for a delicious roast beef dinner.  Over 60 people attended including Past Commodores Bob Earle, Michael Beelich, Lloyd Chaput and Nick Cox.  Lots of laughter, sailing stories (some true and some questionable?) and camaraderie ebbed and flowed throughout the evening. A special addition to the event was a trivia game of club history.  And as in previous years, the party continued at the pub after dinner.

Commodore Natalie Bray remarked “It was so wonderful to enjoy our annual Past Commodore’s dinner once again.  It was a real celebration for the Stormont Yacht Club.  Everyone was excited and happy to be together to celebrate our sailing year.”  Natalie was especially thrilled to present the Seagull Award to Lloyd Chaput.

Fleet Captain Francis Clark presented the awards for 2022.  “I was very proud and honored to present this year’s awards.  This is my first time presenting at our annual dinner as the Fleet Captain. It felt great. It was an awesome sailing and racing year and thankfully we were able to celebrate together in style.”

The 2022 SYC Award Winners are:

Spring Race Series, Fall Race Series & Sailor of the Year – Cory Petrie on Beethoven won both the spring & fall races.  He was also the overall winner and was awarded Sailor of the Year.

Enduro Race – Lynn-Marie Legault on Mattea

Borland Race – Upwind Leg Winner was Paul Rodrique on Sealestial.  Downwind Leg was taken by Peter Bray (Lagan III) who was also the overall winner.

Ladies Day Race – Lynn-Marie Legault on Mattea

Most Improved Sailor of the Year – Viola Larkin (Chinook).

Senior Sailors of the Year – Awarded to an all-round club member who by enthusiasm, sportsmanship and participation contributes to the general operation of racing and cruising activities. This award goes to Mike Guay (Jenna’s Journey) and Rob Zwanenburg (R&R).

Seagull Award – This award is given to a member who has contributed significantly to SYC through long term service and commitment. The winner for 2022 is Lloyd Chaput (Chapy).

Clam Digger Trophy – This award is given in recognition of an unfortunate and amusing incident on the water, usually the result of cutting corners and causing damage.  The award goes to Rob Zwanenburg (R&R).

Upside Down Trophy – In recognition of an odd experience on the water, usually a memorable nautical blunder, faux pas, un-seamanship act. The award goes to Chris Williamson (Essoin).

Rusty Nail – Awarded to commemorate an embarrassing sail moment or incident. The Rusty Nail goes to Paul Rodrigue (Sealestial).

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