Confusion on Future Shop construction clarified

Confusion on Future Shop construction clarified

While local media outlets have been providing conflicting reports on a plan to build a new Future Shop in Cornwall, Seaway News can confirm the idea of building such a store in the city is more concrete than the design plans.

Elliott Chun, corporate communications manager with the electronics giant, said in an interview Tuesday discussions are taking place to build a new Future Shop in Cornwall that could open some time late next year – perhaps as early as the summer.

But Chun stopped short of suggesting construction plans have been solidified. In fact, after speaking with corporate decision-makers, Chun said things like design plans and lease agreements must still be confirmed before Future Shop is prepared to make a firm commitment to opening in the city.

“We’re optimistic the pieces will come together for Future Shop to open next year,” said Chun. “There’s certainly a keen interest for us to be in the Cornwall market.”

He also said while no decision has been made about a location for the store, the thinking locally is Future Shop could find a home in the new commercial development being completed on Brookdale Avenue’s northern stretch.

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