Cornwall Council approves sale of 158 acres of land for business developments

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By Nick Seebruch
Cornwall Council approves sale of 158 acres of land for business developments
A sign at the entrance to Cornwall's Business Park.

CORNWALL, Ontario – At their meeting on Monday night, Jan. 10, Cornwall City Council approved the sale of four parcels of land to four different businesses.

Fairview Garage, Safavieh Home Furnishings Limited, Broccolini Investments Inc. and Kingland Investments are looking at purchasing 6.1, 62, 80, and 10 acres respectively from the City of Cornwall.

The lands are in the Cornwall Business Park. The City of Cornwall currently sells land in the business park for $50,000 an acre.

Proceeds from the land sales will eventually help pay for the extension of roads and municipal services north from Nick Kaneb Dr. to Tollgate Rd. E.,” said Cornwall’s Division Manager of Economic Development Bob Peters.

Now that the sale agreements have been approved by Council, the businesses have 90 days to do due diligence such as soil tests before finalizing the sale.

“As the sites are all greenfield sites, there is a high degree of confidence that each project will proceed. These developments will take some time to complete which allows the community to grow so that these investments can be sustained,” Peters said.

At least two of the businesses who are looking at purchasing lands in the Cornwall Business Park are likely to build distribution centres there. Broccolini Investments Inc. previously built the former Target distribution centre in the Cornwall Industrial Park that is now owned by Walmart Logistics.

Safavieh Home Furnishings Limited, a major furnishing manufacturer based in New York state and is likely looking at building a distribution centre in Cornwall.

“Companies are attracted to Cornwall for a number of reasons. Cornwall enjoys a strategic location in Central Canada with excellent transportation linkages which makes it ideal for logistics, manufacturing and food processing operations,” said Peters. “The City has planned well for the future and the Cornwall Business Park has provided a large amount of serviced shovel ready employment lands. The business community has dozens of companies and organizations that are in place to support new development, a willing workforce that can help a company meet its goals, and a friendly community that welcomes growth and investment.”

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