FRESH PAINT: Colourful business set for summer launch

FRESH PAINT: Colourful business set for summer launch
Sarah Seguin

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario – An undergrad from Williamstown had a stroke of genius when she decided to launch her own business.

Sarah Seguin, owner and operator of Student Works Painting (servicing Cornwall and SD & G), will be helping eager minds pay off their tuition this summer.

College and university students will be brushing up on their skills as a part of the labour force when they ditch their text books for buckets of paint.

The new venture in collaboration with Cornwall’s Dulux Paints specializes in paint, stain, as well as interior and exterior decks.

“This will help out my fellow students who need jobs and are willing to work hard,” said Seguin, a first-year Queen’s University student. “My hometown is just on the outskirts of Cornwall. I know the area and I feel there’s enough demand to keep us busy this summer.”

Seguin sees the new venture as a unique opportunity to be at the helm of a company.

In Cornwall, Student Works Painting is a new way to add colour to your home, but the company name is 20 years old with franchises all over the country.

Seguin considers painting an ideal choice for a new business since it’s a seasonal industry with low startup costs, high demand, and easy labour. Already she can offer her clients intensive surface preparation prior to painting, top quality products and a three-year guarantee.

“This is my first year participating with Student Works Painting and it’s a very exciting first step in my career,” she said. “All the people working on my team will be local.”

Projects are already piling up as she preps for a busy summer.

For more information, visit her Facebook page or call Sarah at (613) 662-0510 for a free estimate on your home.

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