Canada geese are a real nuisance because of what they leave behind

By Sultan Jessa
Canada geese are a real nuisance because of what they leave behind
Sultan Jessa.

Canada geese maybe native to our country but they are certainly not our national bird contrary to what many people believe,

In face during more than three decades spent in Cornwall, there was always a struggle to get rid of these birds from public parks and particularly gold courses.

I remember some parks had specially trained dogs to get rid of these birds because of what they left behind.

Canada geese are grazers and prefer grass, especially fertilized lawn grass.

They tend to forage in areas with open sight lanes and access to water where they can see and escape predators.

Not far from where I now reside in Pierrefonds, Quebec, there are literally thousands of Canada geese,

And believe me they, make a real mess,

Canada geese droppings are everywhere.

The golf courses near Cornwall and the Upper Canada Village have been dealing with this problem for years.

Many people in Canada and also in the neighboring United States consider these birds a real nuisance because they defecate everywhere, raising ire of people who use certain areas for recreation and sports,

People are also very concerned about health and safety.

A recent report confirmed thousands of wild Canada geese have been destined for dinner plates in Denver, Colorado.

Denver has had enough of these pests,

As we were celebrating our national holiday, Denver has enough of our unofficial birds.

Denver estimated more than 5,000 geese take up residence every year, producing up to 5,000 pounds of droppings each day and polluting city’s waterways and parks.

There is no other simple solution.

For years, Denver has been trying to deal with this annoying problem.

Now thousands of Canada geese are ending up in dinner plates to feed homeless and hungry people,

Some groups are obviously not happy about this.

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