Mitigating Greenhouse Gases in the Community, Buildings

Angela Parker, Sustainability Project Coordinator - City of Cornwall
Mitigating Greenhouse Gases in the Community, Buildings

The City of Cornwall’s 2023 Climate Action Plan (CAP) focuses on mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in both the corporation and the community. The CAP was created with the input of both the City and the community (adults and youth) with goals that line up with both the provincial and federal targets. The community targets for Cornwall are to reduce GHG emissions 40-45% below 2005 levels by 2030 and to achieve net-zero GHG emissions in the community by 2050. How will the City help the community meet those ambitious goals?

The majority of Cornwall’s GHGs are emitted from buildings (residential, commercial, industrial, and corporate). So, to help meet these goals, 30% of buildings will need to be using zero-emission heating as their primary source by 2030 and by 2050, 95% of buildings. The objective is to achieve net-zero GHG emissions in the community by 2050.

The CAP lists actions specific to the community that the City is committed to. Here are four of those Council-endorsed actions.

  • Develop and implement a service to support property owners with energy audits, efficiency upgrades, and heat pump installation, and provide information on the City’s website.
  • Investigate the potential to implement a home energy loan program, building from the experience of other Ontario municipalities.
  • Host seminars for and provide information to local contractors and builders about energy-efficient and low-emission building techniques and materials. Partner with other municipalities to share resources / obtain provincial resources.
  • Conduct ongoing outreach and communications about the climate emergency with residents and businesses in the community.

The City is working on these important actions, and has provided a list of energy efficiency incentives on its website:

Check out the Climate Action Plan online and stay updated through the City’s social media and website.

October is Circular Economy Month. More info to come.

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