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News from the Square

FOOD COURT – TO – FOOD HALL, the transition is underway!

Did you know that the contractors, on Monday, started to build the NEW “FOOD HALL” archway after the front high-top bar seating was removed last Friday as well as the large screen TV and the triangular media-com advertising structure?  The visual difference was very noticeable as the area looks more open and larger.

Did you know that this week will see the gradual removal of the existing food court seating area with the final tables being taken away this coming Sunday evening to allow the contractors to start the framing out and enclosure of the current food court seating area on Monday January 16th in order to create a safe working environment for the contractors and a safe shopping environment for the food court customers?

Did you know that many of the existing tables are anchored down with over 300 lag bolts imbedded into the floor and each one must be cut at floor level to eliminate a serious trip hazard?

Did you know that on Monday morning, January 16th, Food Court customers will have a NEW location to sit and enjoy their meal and conversation.  The former Labels store is being converted into the temporary Food Court seating area capable of seating some 112 people and at the same time, we will create a small “patio” area along the exterior storefront with seating for an additional 8 customers.

Did you know that the Food Court/Food Hall restaurants will be open during the renovation process?

Did you know that Bayshore Health Care will be here at Cornwall Square on Thursday January 26, 2023, holding a Bayshore Health Care Awareness Day as well as a fundraiser for the Maison Baldwin House.  Bayshore Health Care will be on the main level in the mall’s East Court in front of Dollarama and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Remember, in 2023.  Shop local, Shop indoors, Shop the Square, and support your local merchants that make up Cornwall’s retail sector.

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