Leo Doucet - News from the Square

Did you know that the road that runs between the Cornwall Square parking Garage and the Mall building from Pitt Street to Sydney Street is not a municipal road, it is an internal road of the Cornwall Square Shopping Centre.  Most importantly it is not a clone of the Indianapolis 500 track straightaway.  I had the opportunity to witness firsthand this past week on three different occasions where drivers turned off of Pitt Street  onto the internal road and step on the gas easily reaching a speed exceeding 50 kmph on a roadway with 3 crosswalks and where people step out to cross the road not expecting to have to dodge a speeding vehicle that seems hell bent to set a land speed record for the fastest time navigating 1,000 feet of pavement with the potential for people to dart out at any moment.  I saw an elderly woman who was just exiting from the Pitt Street parkette walkway and step out onto the roadway just when this heavy foot driver turned onto the internal roadway from Pitt Street and decided to “ put the pedal to the metal” just as the woman was to step out, however the woman decided to look to her right just in time to see the vehicle race by.  This driver behavior is not acceptable and as a result I am now looking to install a series of speed control measures (read speed bumps) on this internal roadway similar to what we did inside the parking garage 2 years ago.  It should not take a pedestrian fatality for drivers to pay attention to the rules of the road and to the posted speed limits on the Cornwall Square property.

Did you know that additional FOOD HALL seating was installed this past week when more bench seats were installed along the inside of a couple of divider walls with chairs on the opposite side of those tables.  We also added several more single tables to make it easier to create table seating for 6 people.

Did you know that FOOD HALL tables are for everyone, there is no “reserved” seating.   You may have a “favorite” table, but please remember that your favorite table should be the table that is available at the moment.  Our FOOD HALL tables do not come with “dibs” for anybody.

Did you know that “The Ghost Walk for Charity” group has started to layout their haunted facility in the upper level of the former Sears building.

Did you know that the Seaway Valley Community Health Centre will be holding some of their Life Lessons classes here at Cornwall Square as well as starting up their Cardiac recuperative mall walking mornings shortly.  We are pleased to be able to work with The Seaway Valley Community Health Centre.

Did you know that Halloween is a little over 7 weeks away and Cornwall Square will be holding its “Mall Trick or Treat Day” on Sunday October 29, 2023.  More details to come.

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