The seasonal arrivals, Santa, Focus Art Fall Show, and more …

Leo Doucet—News from The Square
The seasonal arrivals, Santa, Focus Art Fall Show, and more …

Did you know that Hickory Farms moved in last Thursday and the team set up their displays in a couple of days and they are now open.  The store is on the main level between Laura Secord and Peoples Jewellers.  YUMMY!

Did you know that Calendar Club also moved in last week and a small army of merchandisers appeared and set up the large store up on the second level next to Bell World in the former Labels and Temporary Food Court seating space.  They worked feverishly to open last Friday morning.  Kim and her staff are here to serve you.

Did you know that The Square Marketplace Christmas vendors market has seen a flood of new artisans sign up for this year’s edition.  Starting on Friday November 24th, Saturday November 25th, and Sunday November 26th on the lower level next to Cleo, The Square Marketplace will operate each successive Friday-Saturday and Sunday until Christmas Day.  For more information call Laurie at (613) 938-2118 Ext 320.  Come and check out the variety of gift choices.

Did you know that Arks Harvest, a reduced-price produce outlet, is putting the final touches to their space and will open this Saturday morning in the former Children’s Place.  At the beginning, Arks Harvest will be a Saturday only operation, essentially in half of the store space with room for 4 specialty vendors in the other half.

Did you know that Santa arrives at Cornwall Square at 11:30 am this coming Sunday after being the star attraction in the City of Cornwall Christmas Parade on Saturday evening.  The Cornwall Santa Claus parade is a fun tradition and allows thousands of residents to line the parade route to witness a great local event that kicks off the festive season and puts people in the mood.  Despite the hectic time of the parade, Santa manages to get some rest and be ready to greet all the boys and girls here at Cornwall Square.  See our ad for Santa’s hours.

Did you know that Santa’s temporary home away from home has a new look this year as Santa wanted his sleigh parked closer so that he and the Elves have a shorter walk from the sleigh to the display.

Did you know that Santa’s two strongest reindeer, Donner and Blitzen will be grazing on the upper level in the treed forest exhibit at the top of the escalators in front of the FOOD HALL.  Rudolph from his position on the roof, can keep an eye on his buddies.  This new display is being installed in that area as part of an updated mall décor program that will evolve over the next few years.  The WBG artistic team are to be congratulated for their efforts.

Did you remember that the Focus Art Fall Art Show starts tomorrow and runs until the 28th on the upper level in the former EB Games space.

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