Comedian Ron James coming to Cornwall

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By Shawna O'Neill
Comedian Ron James coming to Cornwall
Ron James during a performance. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Canadian stand-up comedian Ron James will make a stop in Cornwall on his Full Throttle tour, hitting Aultsville Theatre on Sunday, May 12.

The critically acclaimed, award-winning performer, recognizable from The Ron James Show and much more, will be returning to the city for about the tenth time since he started touring around the turn of the century.

“It has been 20 years since I started touring with the amazing Shantero Productions,” said James. “I really do owe Terry McRae a great deal…he really did build this brand.”

James reflected on some of his early touring years, concluding that he blazed trail with soft seat, hyper local theatre performances, as not many Canadians have done the same with similar success.

“We sold places out, up and down and shaky town…” said James. “To be able to have built an audience and a craft in our country has been very rewarding.”

James said that there are positives and negatives to building a comedy career in Canada, as there is often comparison to American performers. He is proud of his material for his upcoming tour, and said he strives to give his audience their money’s worth, putting on a two hour show.

“Just because you’ve been in the game for a long time doesn’t mean you can take any shortcuts,” said James.  “I’m covering all the bases, rocking the apple cart…(striving for) a balance between artistic needs and audience expectations…I like to hear laughs. It’s about them as much as it is for me. I work hard on my craft…(I’ll discuss) midlife changes, politics, the old days, hockey, food fads, all these things.”

Tickets to James’ show can be purchased at Cornwall Civic Complex Box Office or online here at

“I say this at the end of all of my interviews – if the ushers aren’t wiping their seats down at the end of the performance, I haven’t done my job,” said James with a chuckle.

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