Keeping cats out of the cold

Nick Seebruch
Keeping cats out of the cold
Amelie Matte

CORNWALL, Ontario – Khloe and her friend Amelie were heartbroken when they heard neighbourhood cats meowing out in the cold on New Year’s Eve.

“I wanted to let the cat in, but mom didn’t want to so I went to the neighbour’s next door,” said Khloe.

Khloe said that their neighbour gave them some supplies that let them make a cat shelter.

“The kids were thrilled when they saw cats starting to use it. There are four or five of them out their now,” said Sara Arsenault, Khloe’s mother.

The family already has two cats, Sir Fluffins and Sinimins, which is why Sara did not feel safe in letting the neighbourhood cats in the house to warm-up. She could not be sure if they carried fleas or diseases they could spread, hence the outdoor cat shelters.

The original cat shelter was made of a cardboard box and a plastic garbage bag and did not hold up the best in the weather, but after their story got out, Amelie and Khloe were soon sent more materials to make more shelters, which they were excited to do.

Sara shared Khloe and Amelie’s story on Facebook and soon they were being sent donations, cat food, styrofoam boxes, and even a cat door.

The girls said they appreciate any other donations that let them make more shelters.

Sara and her family have always been strong supporters of the OSPCA, having adopted both of their cats from the organization. Sara said that everything that is leftover from when their project is done will be donated to the OSPCA.

Amelie and Khloe are excited to make more cat shelters and to put out food to keep their furry friends warm during the winter.

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