The Seaway News is moving up

Nick Seebruch
The Seaway News is moving up
Media Strategy Manager Patrick Larose

CORNWALL, Ontario – Starting next week, TC Media is making changes and they are excited for the future of their office on Campbell St.

“We are introducing more positive changes at our office that involves all the pillars of TC Media in Cornwall” said GM Rick Shaver.

Effective March 15, the Ad Bag will be delivered on Wednesday morning. This will bring the Cornwall Seaway News, the Cornwall Express and the ad bag flyers to our readers one day ahead of our current schedule.

“This is great for our advertisers and readers,” said Patrick Larose, TC Media’s Media Sales Manager in Cornwall. “Now the paper will be delivered on Wednesday, with a final distribution date of Thursday morning and we can begin sales for the next week that same day.”
Eight hours of daylight will mean a cleaner and faster distribution and increased safety for our carriers.

Our date of distribution is not the only thing that’s moving up at TC Media; our staff numbers are on the rise as well.

Our editorial department has added, Alycia Douglass as a new reporter. Alycia has been with TC Media for about a month now and covers our counties and sports stories, as well as weekend coverage.

“Having another writer in the office is a great help and a great opportunity,” said Editor Nick Seebruch. “With Alycia’s help, the Cornwall Seaway News, the Cornwall Express and TC Media as a whole can do a better job of telling the stories that matter to our readers the most. We want to tell the stories of our community. If any reader wants to make their voice heard, they should call our Editorial department at 613-933-0014 ext. 256.”

Editorial cannot exist without the support of a strong advertorial team that ensures it has pages to be printed on, which is why TC Media has also added a new face to its Sales Department. Carson Andrews, from Cornwall, has now joined our team and is now working on our new digital line and web products and TC Media product lines.

“The changes are needed for us to move into the future,” said Shaver, who along with Patrick Larose have been Google certified. “We now sell Google Ad Words, digital media products, websites and related products. We have our two newspapers and our Ad Bag flyer program. We started over 2 years ago with the training and TC Media has invested to get the right products and the right people in place. Now my staff in Cornwall can sell the products and have the support of the major suppliers. “

“Maximize your impact by making the best media choices is the new saying of our sales team,” Larose stated. “We are focused for the future with our digital products, our newspaper and our distribution for this region. Exciting times are ahead.”

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