Your Weekly Horoscope

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Your Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF OCTOBER 16 TO 22, 2022

The luckiest signs this week: Virgo, Libra and Scorpio


You’ll buy yourself new clothes and accessories to boost your self-esteem and reflect your new position at work. Self-confidence is the secret to your success.

You’ll feel the need to clean your home from top to bottom. Cleaning your li­ving space and getting rid of unne­cessary belongings will help you clear your mind.

Travel and communication will be complicated or confusing. After leaving several messages, you’ll still have to wait for someone to call you back. You may find yourself going in circles when driving this week.

You’ll have to work a few extra hours this week. Your loved ones may not like that you’re always at work, but the bonus on your next paycheck will help you pay off a debt.

You may be confused about starting a new job or major project. Be patient; you’ll gradually get into a groove.

After putting in long hours at work, a little rest is in order. It’s important to put yourself first. You’ll go on an outing or short trip alone, with friends or your significant other. This time away will make your feel rejuvenated.

You’ll suddenly be very popular. If you let yourself be guided by your intui­tion, you’ll be extremely crea­tive. You may make a stunning piece of art.

You won’t have much free time this week. Even if you manage your time well, you may be left waiting on someone. You’ll have to do your best and be patient with them.

As the weather cools down, you’ll start dreaming of a warm holiday. You must work hard to afford a getaway. You’ll find that each deal is more enticing than the last.

If you’re an artist, you could finally make a living from your art. After ma­king some big changes, your life will head in a new direction. In your love life, an important decision like a marriage proposal will strengthen your relationship.

You must maintain an active social life to build good relationships with your friends. You may consider moving, if only for a change of scenery and more space.

You’ll have to spend more time than expected on a particular project. How­ever, your perseverance will fill you with pride. You’ll feel a deep sense of accomplishment by finishing the tasks you’ve been putting off.

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