SLC Cornwall Project Management Students Completed Sustainability Projects for the Community

Saima Naqvi, SLC
SLC Cornwall Project Management Students Completed Sustainability Projects for the Community

Last year for the first time, as a Lead for the Project Management program & Professor at St. Lawrence College Cornwall campus, I contacted local businesses and community organizations for project ideas and proposals. I aimed to ensure quality initiatives are pursued. The response was overwhelming, with 17 proposals submitted for consideration. Seven of these proposals were selected and developed into projects completed over 12 weeks (about 3 months), by the final semester Project Management students.

The success of these projects is a testament to the strong partnerships that exist between St. Lawrence College and the Cornwall & SDG community. The college is committed to continuing to work with businesses and community organizations to develop and implement projects that address community needs. All projects were planned & executed as per alignment with United Nations 17 sustainability goals.

The following are brief descriptions of each of the seven projects:

  • Project Green Cube: Revolutionary concept, this project explored the potential of a container farm on SLC’s Kingston campus. The feasibility study found that a container farm could have a positive impact on the community and students by providing fresh produce, research opportunities, and hands-on learning experiences. The project team worked with faculty and staff to develop a plan to implement a container farm on campus. Breanne Johnson from Innovation Hub is the sponsor of this project.
  • Everyday Banking for Students: After a thorough needs assessment for financial literacy amongst youngsters, this one-day event provided financial literacy education and awareness to SLC students. The event was open to all students and covered topics such as everyday banking, cybercrime awareness, credit building and saving strategies. The event was made possible thanks to the support of the Cornwall Student Union and Trent Hambleton, a financial advisor from RBC Bank.
  • Farm Café Launch: This project supported the expansion of Butte & Bine Farm, a small-scale farm and bakery in Williamstown, ON. The study found the farm can become a major agritourism destination. The project team worked with the farm owners to develop a feasibility plan to implement the expansion. Sylviane Emeric from Butte & Bine farm is the sponsor of this proposal.
  • Project Bubble Bliss: This project introduced bubble drinks to the Cornwall community through an event that showcased their unique flavors and textures. The event was a success, with over 100 people attending. The project team actively worked & developed a plan to bring new flavors of bubble drinks to more people in the community. Mr. Harit Gupta, owner of the local business Swift Store on Montreal Road, Cornwall, sponsored this project.
  • POWhearing: In compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), this project expanded the reach of its Assistive Listening Devices in Cornwall. The device is designed to help people needing hearing accessibility due to low hearing, low vision, attention challenges, and auditory processing concerns. POW devices are used during meetings, at activities, assemblies, and group gatherings, to bring clear sound closer to the listener The project team conducted a marketing campaign to increase awareness of the device and held product demonstrations for businesses in the community. Laura Mather, the owner of POWhearing is the sponsor for this project.
  • Attire to Inspire: First ever of its kind, this project facilitated the collection and sale of gently used business attire clothing. The clothing was sold to SLC students at a discounted price, and the proceeds were shared with the Salvation Army & the rest was donated to Centre 105, a social organization that supports vulnerable individuals in the Cornwall community. Value Village Cornwall & Salvation Army thrift store Cornwall collaborated with this project & clothing donations were also collected within SLC. The project was a success, and the project team is currently working on developing a plan to make it an annual event. St. Lawrence College Cornwall’s Student Union was the sponsor of this project.
  • 8-Ball Pool Tournament: This project aimed to motivate students to make new contacts and participate in recreational activities while on campus. The project used the popularity of the game of pool to improve socialization and community engagement among the participants. The first of its kind, 8-ball pool tournament competition was organized on the SLC Cornwall campus. The tournament focused on the personal development of each student through strategy, sports, and teamwork. The project aimed to strengthen the campus culture and provide students with more opportunities to be a part of it. Winners were awarded. St. Lawrence Student Union’s director Craig Madlin was the sponsor of this project.


These are just a few examples of the many ways that St. Lawrence College is working to make a positive impact on the Cornwall & SDG community. The college is grateful for the support of local businesses and community organizations. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of Cornwall & SDG residents. If you have a project idea & want to collaborate with the Project Management Program at SLC Cornwall to convert it into reality, free of cost. Please submit a detailed project proposal via email at New project proposals will be evaluated in August 2024. Let’s build a sustainable community together.

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