Before we work on “Artificial Intelligence”, could we not do something about “Natural Stupidity”?

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Dear Editor,

Coming out of a hardware store, I was met by a man holding back two Great Danes.  He was not in control of the hounds, and he had a scary smile on his face.

Can you picture walking down an aisle that can often be cluttered with stock, where there is only enough room for one person to pass?  What would you do it you met up with two hounds and a clown?  Who gets the right of way?  Think of a child unexpectedly coming face to face with an undisciplined animal.

I made a note to never return to shop there.  Other dogless hardware stores in town will get my business.  Service dogs are an exception to this problem.

This is a danger for customers and their families, because the store does not:

1) Verify if the animals are vaccinated.

2) Stores that sell food for human consumption cannot have animals anywhere in the building.

3) Dog hair has a tendency to fly all over the place which can causse allergic reactions.

4) Surveys show two of the biggest reasons for falls with seniors is loose carpets and tripping over their pets.

Research would probably show that most people don’t want to be accosted by animals and clowns while doing their shopping.

If you agree, let the stores know.

Lorraine Lapointe, Cornwall, ON

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