City commitment to bilingual services

Seaway News

Dear Editor,

After reading this article in the Seaway News I am appalled and angry that Cornwall takes part in what is clearly corrupt & criminal behaviour, funded by the sneaky Trudeau Liberal Woke government. Money funded to “bribe” and that’s exactly what it is! To bully & push the English out of good jobs, using bribery to hire French over English. To bully and force the English to speak French to keep their jobs. If they do this they will be given more money. That is “corrupt bribery” they are trying to make it look like more French is needed when it’s not and turn Canada into the next Quebec. They give more money to schools, hospitals, programs etc. to promote the French, using money funding as bribes, to pretend you need it. They are deliberately cutting the English off. They’re paid and bribed to hire French over English. That’s linguistic racism and should be illegal. But what do you expect from the Trudeau Liberal government. Quebec was a test run. Linguistic cleansing of the English language…moving into Cornwall? Bribery to give the French the best jobs. Bully the English out of jobs, force feeding french. Worked at Tim Hortons and not one person came in who didn’t speak English. The Trudeau family Pierre Trudeau/ Justin Trudeau’s life plan. This is how they succeed in Quebec.  Corrupt Cornwall, French bribes.

Colleen Millan

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