Canines can run free at city’s first off-leash dog park

Canines can run free at city’s first off-leash dog park
John Locke has opened the city’s first off-leash dog park in Cornwall’s north end.

Man’s best friend has a new place to call home in Cornwall.

John Locke, owner of The Fence Depot on Pitt Street north in Cornwall, has opened the city’s first off-leash dog park.

K-9 Courtyard includes two separate green spaces for large and small dogs to run freely without the need to be attached to their owners with a leash.

A third area is slated to include some agility equipment in June for the athletically-inclined canine, Locke said.

“The biggest thing is people want to see other dogs and enjoy the social aspect,” said Locke.

Their is a triple-gate system at the park, to ensure your animal can’t get out of the facility, should it get away from you.

Locke said nearly 30 people have signed up to enjoy the park, and it’s his hope more people will start bringing their dogs out to enjoy some fresh air.

“I’d like to have fun with it and see what it can turn into,” he added.

For a fee, members of the dog park have access through the use of a swipe card which allows them to enter the park through the security gates.

Locke said the plan is to install some solar lights later this year, so that users can come after dark and let their dogs run.

Dogs are tagged with a membership badge, and must be registered with the municipality in which they reside. Dogs are also inspected by Locke’s staff to ensure they meet the dog park requirements.

“We don’t want something in here that will rip someone else’s dog apart,” said Locke.

To get more information about the dog park, contact Fence Depot at 613-932-0717.

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