Factors to consider when planting the right tree in the right place

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Factors to consider when planting  the right tree in the right place

Are you thinking of planting a tree or multiple trees on your property? Whether you select the location or the tree first, there are certain factors you need to consider to ensure the tree survives and thrives. Here are a few:

Soil type. Different tree species have specific soil preferences. You must determine if your soil is dry, damp, sandy or loamy and choose a tree that will grow well in those conditions.

Sunlight. The amount of sunlight your plant­ing site receives and the amount required by the tree species is another important factor.

Hardiness zone. Choose a species that can survive in your region’s hardiness zone, or it may not make it through the winter.


Good to know: Developed by scientists and policymakers at Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), the My Tree app helps you choose the right tree for your back­yard. It includes over 180 native and introduced tree species and their colour-coded hardiness zones.


Tree characteristics. You must consider various aspects of the tree, including its height, width, shape, type, colour of the leaves, flowering habits and other characteristics that suit the available space and match your preferences.

Surroundings. If your yard has a swimming pool, vegetable garden, parking area or power lines, it will influence your choice of tree species and location. For example, you don’t want a tree whose fruit will fall on your car or the neighbour’s property or that will eventually shade your vegetable garden.

Local regulations. Some cities and towns have specific requirements regarding the species planted and the location.

Don’t hesitate to consult your local plant nursery to make an informed decision.

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