Food and flowers grow at Backyard Food Day

John MacGillis
Food and flowers grow at Backyard Food Day
Pollinators flew through the gardens during the afternoon (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – Karen and Bill Carriere opened their backyard on Sunday, Aug. 18 to proudly display their array of gardens and plants while encouraging people to consider a more sustainable lifestyle at Backyard Food Day.

“We’re happy to have so many people stop in and see what we have been growing, but more than that we hope people would consider growing their own food and consider the environment in that respect,” said Karen.

With less certainty regarding weather and food instability, it is vital that more sustainable ways of living are established according to the event’s organizing group, Transition Cornwall +.

“We grow more food in a year then we could ever eat by ourselves, so we make a point of donating to food banks,” said Karen.

Also on display at Backyard Food Day was planting and mulching workshops, live music and children’s activities.

“We hope that this makes people think not just about the food that we eat, but also other environmental issues we can solve by living more sustainably,” said Karen. “Whether it’s creating less waste or being mindful of transportation, people can make a very real difference.”

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