Local Artist Creates Backyard Oasis

Paula Labonté
Local Artist Creates Backyard Oasis

Tucked away on quiet Ivan Crescent in the East End you can find a little gem of zen in Linda Phillip’s backyard.

Some houses you can tell if there’s a gardener in the house, manicured gardens, complimentary colours, timed blooms and then there’s my house, the basket of flowers on the step are dead because I forgot to water them.

You can tell that Linda is a gardener and loves it because her front yard is filled with lush plentiful greens and the last of the season’s blooms are still blooming, unlike mine.

However, step past the front and through the vine covered trellises into the backyard and you’ve entered a magical oasis.

It is evident that Linda not only has a green thumb but is also an award winning artist because her backyard is a meditative expression of joy.

Often there’s grandchildren or neighbourhood children with paint on their hands and smiles on their faces creating something. Other times someone can be found quietly rocking in the swing under the shade. “I’ll get calls asking if someone can just come and sit.” She laughs and of course doesn’t mind at all.

There’s a floral mural on the shed, a stunning sculpture perched above the gold fish pond that leads to iridescent cement leaves cascading down a waterfall, everything she has made herself and everything is a work of art.

Filled with charm and whimsy, she has created a spot that’s both calm and inspiring for all who are lucky enough to visit and the longer you are there the more there is to discover.

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