NAKED WOMEN: We’re talking faces only – but the trend has gone viral

NAKED WOMEN: We’re talking faces only – but the trend has gone viral
Marina Restinetti and the photo she added to The Naked Face.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The latest online trend to begin right here in Cornwall, with hundreds of women shedding their makeup and showing that beauty needs no artificial enhancements.

A Facebook group called ‘The Naked Face’ and was started by Cornwall’s Marina Restinetti, a graduate of St. Lawrence College’s journalism program who was inspired by a friend who posted a photo online of herself without makeup and began nominating other women to follow suit.

What followed is a group of mostly local women who are taking back their faces.

“The commonality I see the most is women commenting that it took so much courage for them to post their photo,” Restinetti told Seaway News. “The sad part about it is that these women are gorgeous. Also the positivity these women are feeding each other has actually made me cry a few times.”

She added the group had a humble start. She was hoping for just a couple of dozen friends to follow her lead. That was seven days and 3,000 members ago.

“Yesterday, a friend posted an article from Britain on my wall of girls doing the same thing in order to raise money for breast cancer research,” Restinetti said. “I thought that was amazing.

“I’m not sure which group started first, but both are spreading a positive message nonetheless.”

Despite the leaps that female independence has made, many women who have posted their photos to the group are suggesting they still feel judged when they leave the house.

“They are so afraid of feeling vulnerable that they forget how beautiful they truly are,” said Restinetti. “We really are our own worst critics. One of the most beautiful girls, inside and out, that I know, refused to post her picture after I nominated her. She claims to be self-conscious of her skin. She’s absolutely stunning.

“From most of the posts I’ve read, I strongly believe that barriers are being knocked down. Women seem to be embracing not only themselves, but each other and it is truly inspirational.”

With all those supporters online Restinetti adds its time, despite measuring its lifespan in days, for the group to start giving back.

“I have formed a small committee who are also admins to the group page and we are in the midst of planning some charity events,” she said. “The novelty may wear off on Facebook eventually, but I will still continue to make this a big part of my life.

“Spreading the message of raw beauty and making sure philanthropy reaps the benefits.”

The Naked Face can be found here.

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