Rachel’s Kids gives Helping Hand to Olivia

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By Nick Seebruch
Rachel’s Kids gives Helping Hand to Olivia
Olivia Dion. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Since birth, 18-month-old Olivia Dion has suffered from a neuromuscular disorder that has left her mostly paralyzed with limited use of her legs, hands and arms.

Olivia must always be carried and requires constant supervision. Her mother, Nicole Lefevbre said that it is her daughters strength that helps keep her going.

“Olivia is a very expressive little girl who has made me so proud, her strength has taught me so much about being a mother,” she said.

Lefevbre is a single mother who has dedicated herself to the care of Olivia, however, Lefevbre has found it difficult to find a stroller that fits her daughter’s needs. Rachel’s Kids House of Hope through their helping hands program, in partnership with another local agency, have been able to procure a specialized wheelchair for Olivia. This wheelchair will help Olivia live a more comfortable life, while granting both her and her mother Nicole more independence.

“This wheelchair will enhance Olivia’s quality of life. It will allow her to sit up in a way that will support proper spine development and the front tray will give her a space to manipulate small toys working on her fine motor skills. Most importantly, it will allow her to interact with others and offer a better view while strolling with mom. We are extremely happy we were able to help.” said Kim Lauzon, Executive Director of Rachel’s Kids.

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