TO KILT FOR: Heavyweights dominate at Glengarry Highland Games

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – The 67th edition of the Glengarry Highland Games is well underway in Maxville.

Dozens of athletes, 200 Celtic dancers, and over 50 pipe bands, both amateur and professional, from around North America are competing at the event this Friday and Saturday.

The focus is on heavyweights at this year’s Highland Games.

Roaring with effort, Dirk Bishop, 50, power launched a 28-pound ball across the fairgrounds in front of hundreds of spectators Friday. Before it even landed, the judge’s face and the crowd’s silence indicated this athletic achievement was a first-ever.

Bishop, a resident of Perth Andover, Nova Scotia, broke his previous national record and world record in the 28-pound ‘Weight for Distance’ category.

More to come.

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