Cornwall Aeromodellers host Fun Fly

John MacGillis
Cornwall Aeromodellers host Fun Fly
1) Landing a plane can be tricky to get the hang of for beginners according to Mitchell (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Aeromodellers took to the sky near Cornwall Centre Rd. for their Fun Fly event, to encourage people to come out and see for themselves the fun that flying model airplanes can bring.

“Today wasn’t the greatest day to have this event, but usually people will come from all over to fly with us and enjoy an afternoon here,” said Jeff Mitchell, President of the Cornwall Aeromodellers, regarding the windy conditions which were not ideal for flying in.

The afternoon had music, model planes flying and spectators. Cornwall Aeromodellers build and fly model airplanes of all different sizes and speeds.

“You can see some entry level airplanes made of foam, to some costing thousands of dollars,” said Mitchell.

Cornwall Aeromodellers have around 45 members and fly their model planes four seasons a year, which involves equal parts building and flying their models, according to Mitchell.

“We spend a lot of time working on our models and practicing flying them, and we are always interested in people joining us and learning to fly,” said Mitchell.

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